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    Deploying HASingleton service with activeMq

    Stephen Poserina Newbie

      I need to deploy my application as a HASingleton but I am having problems when I start up the first node. I have an application deployed as a war in the deploy-hasingleton folder which communicates with ActiveMq which is also deployed in the same folder. The problem is when starting the first node of a cluster it detects that it is the master and tries to deploy the war immediately. Unfortunately it appears that not all the resources are setup at that time and when my application in the war tries to connect to ActiveMq the connection is refused. This appears to make sense because the connector defined in broker-config.xml hasn't started up yet.


      The application works fine when run in a non-clustered environment and subsequent nodes that join the cluster all work fine as well. The problem occurs only within the first node.


      If I need to clarify anything let me know. I think this situation is fairly unique because I haven't been able to find any related problems. Any help would be much appreciated.

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          Stephen Poserina Newbie

          I'm going to try and clarify my question. I am wondering why my services deploy correctly when running in a non clustered environment but not when I deploy them as HASingleton services. Secondly why does the order change in how services and resources are deployed when switching to a clustered environment.


          My application consists of a service deployed as a .war that interacts with activeMq deployed within jboss as a .rar. In a non-clustered environment the application deploys correctly but when switched to a clustered environment the service deployed in the .war cannot communicate with activeMq.

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            Stephen Poserina Newbie

            I'll try asking a simpler question. Why does the order of deployment change when deploying services as HASingletons as opposed to the order in a non clustered environment.

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              Stephen Poserina Newbie

              Further update. I am deploying two wars and a sar in my jboss installation. I can deploy one of the wars and the .sar in the hasingleton directory without issue but for some reason the one war will not deploy. Is their a way to ensure that the troublesome war deploys last?


              My more general question is how do I control deployment order in the hasingleton folder. As I mentioned before everything deploys fine in a non-clustered environment.