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    How to override the RichfacesMenu image

    Siva P Master

      Hi All,


      In my application i have to show the image if there is any sub menus for the root menus ,Currently i am not displaying any images there.By default only for the menu group menu items we can see the small arrow like image.how to over ride the css and achive it.


      For eample:





      my jsp page is :


      <rich:toolBar id="BillPaymentToolBar" width="173" height="2" binding="#{menuBean.billPaymentMenu}"/>
      <rich:toolBar id="CNUListToolBar" width="173" height="2" binding="#{menuBean.cnuListMenu}"/>
      <rich:toolBar id="SalesCollectionToolBar" width="173" height="2" binding="#{menuBean.salesCollectionMenu}"/>
      <rich:toolBar id="dailyCollectionToolBar" width="173" height="2" binding="#{menuBean.dailyCollectionMenu}"/>
      <rich:toolBar id="LogoutToolBar" width="173" height="2" binding="#{menuBean.logoutMenu}"/>
             In this jsp page third toolbar and fourth toolbar have submenus and submenus have submenus.In my case all the data is comming from the database.How to display arrow icon for the root menu.How to over ride the CSS for menus.any ideas???
      Thank you for reading my post.