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    How do I correctly configure HTTP session replication?

    johnstok - Newbie


      Apache 2.2 + mod_proxy

      jBoss 5.1

      Ubuntu Server


      jBoss parameters

      /usr/local/jboss/bin/run.sh -c all -b -u -g foo &

      /usr/local/jboss/bin/run.sh -c all -b -u -g foo &



      I'm having trouble getting HTTP session replication working. I have created a cluster with two nodes on separate machines and configured a shared multicast address and group name. The servers seem to be detecting each other and joining the cluster:


      11:52:42,233 INFO  [foo] New cluster view for partition foo (id: 1, delta: 1) : [,]
      11:52:42,236 INFO  [foo] I am ( received membershipChanged event:
      11:52:42,237 INFO  [foo] Dead members: 0 ([])
      11:52:42,238 INFO  [foo] New Members : 1 ([])
      11:52:42,238 INFO  [foo] All Members : 2 ([,])
      11:52:52,092 INFO  [GroupMember] org.jboss.messaging.core.impl.postoffice.GroupMember$ControlMembershipListener@2c31da got new view [|1] [,], old view is [|0] []
      11:52:52,092 INFO  [GroupMember] I am (
      11:52:52,092 INFO  [GroupMember] New Members : 1 ([])
      11:52:52,092 INFO  [GroupMember] All Members : 2 ([,])


      I am deploying the same EAR file to both nodes via JMX (using the Maven jBoss plugin). The EAR contains a WAR file and the web.xml file contains the <distributable/> element. The WAR is mounted at the '/cc7-latest' context.


      When I connect to one of the nodes a session is created as expected. Checking the host=localhost,path=/cc7-latest,type=Manager JMX bean (via jmx-console) for the first node the 'ReplicationStatistics' property has a value like:


      [sessionID: 60JoDvnKRVd98nwd-swWdA__, replicationCount=1, minPassivationTime=0, maxPassivationTime=0, totalPassivationTime=0, minReplicationTime=7, maxReplicationTime=7, totalReplicationlTime=7, loadCount=0, minLoadTime=9223372036854775807, maxLoadTime=0, totaLoadlTime=0];)


      The second node only has the value ) (ie no sessions).


      Also, on both nodes the config=standard-session-cache,jmx-resource=RPCManager,service=Cache JMX bean reports the property 'ReplicationCount' to be 0.


      Any ideas why replication might not be happening?