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    GateIn support as EnterpriceEdition, exist or not ?

    fernando flores Newbie

      Hi all

      I want ask about a GateIn support for enterprice and receive this response:


      "For information regarding JBoss Enterprise Subscriptions (i.e. support for JBoss products), including pricing, please contact sales: https://inquiries.jboss.com/go/redhat/jboss-contact-sales"


      but I sent my questions about GateIn by "https://inquiries.jboss.com/go/redhat/jboss-contact-sales" form the previuos week, but until today I don't receive any response, then where???

      I understand that GateIn replace to JBoss-Portal, but if it has not any support, then is difficult think in that as a real and good option.



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          Jason Andersen Newbie

          Hi there,


          Red Hat does not specifically sell support for GateIn but GateIn is the core component of our enterprise product, the JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform 5. Subscriptions of Enterprise Portal Platform are available from Red Hat partners or directly from JBoss in most countries around the world.


          I cannot explain why someone from sales did not get back to you and I apologize for that but if you want to send me an email with your contact information and your location I can make sure the right people get back to you.


          Jason Andersen

          Product Manager Enterprise Portal Platform