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    getting $proxy58 or $proxy66 while accessing ejb from jsp in jboss 4.2.1.GA

    Deepanjan ghosh Newbie
      I am working with eclipse 3.4.1 and JBOSS 4.2.1.GA ..... my bean is deployed properly as I am able to call it from application client but when I am try to do the same for web application having index.jsp with the following content its giving me proxy error.

      I included the information of the EJB in my web application so that I get Calculate interface in my web application by right click on the web project , then preferences and then clicking *Java EE Module dependencies
      . It didnt work


      I even copied the Calculate.java which is the interface into my web application but it never worked.


      <%Context jndiContext = new InitialContext();


      Object ref = jndiContext.lookup("CalculateBean/remote");
      cts.Calculate c=(cts.Calculate)ref;
      out.println(c.add(4,5)); %>


      Please can anyone help me out with this........thanx in advance