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    EBWS endpoint, contract and WS endpoint publishing using SSL

    Eugene K Newbie

      I have red some material on this (ex. http://www.redhat.com/docs/en-US/JBoss_SOA_Platform/5.0.0/html/Programmers_Guide/ch04s04.html) but couldn't find how to publish and use ESB Based Web Service through HTTPS. I have provided in, out, fault xml schemas for my EBWS and have got "" WS and ESB endpoint and contract published automatically. Is it possible to publish "" endpoint and contract automatically for EBWS? Or should I use HTTP Gateway and SOAPPROXY with "" endpointURL in order to get SSL access to my ESB Based Web Service? webservice_proxy_security quickstart shows how to access already published WS through ESB by HTTPS but I want to use publish_as_webservice quickstart approach in order to access EBWS by HTTPS. However in this quickstart is shown only how to publish EBWS and WS endpoint and contract by HTTP. Could you please help me?