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    JBoss Eap 4.3 and special characters problem

    Rickard Engström Newbie

      Hi all


      I have a problem which I believe is related to a recent migration from Tomcat to JBoss.
      Below is a code snippet from a java class of the application which has always worked with Tomcat (5.5) but now, after the migration to JBoss 4.3 the condition fails


      if (stateCode.toUpperCase().equals("PÅGÅENDE_EJ_KONTAKT")) return CaseStateCache.getInstance().getById(CaseState.STATE_INPROG_NOT_CONTACTED);


      log.warn("Unknown state found in database:" + stateCode);

      return CaseStateCache.getInstance().getById(CaseState.STATE_UNKNOWN);




      After having read the log, which states "...WARN  [CaseDAO] Unknown state found in database:PÅGÅENDE_EJ_KONTAKT", I'm quite sure that this is JBoss related (encoding hell, sort of... or?)




      Hmm. just forgot one thing, for you pepole who does not have swedish characters this might look strange, but the issue is about comparison of strings containing swedish special characters...