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    How to delete a dynamically created queue?

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      As a workaround for https://jira.jboss.org/browse/HORNETQ-469 we have decided to use programmatically generated (non-temporary) JMS-Queues that are registered within JMX. We


      0.     process a servlet request and call a remote method

      1.     to create the queue (within a SLB in JBoss),

      2.     wait in the servlet request for a message arriving on it,

      3.     send a message to it from a MDB in JBoss,

      4.     receive the message in the servlet request and

      5.     delete the queue.


      If the server crashes between step 1 and step 5 then the queue is at the moment not deleted. That is not a point in HorentQ of course, just in the application logic. Before extending our application specific administration tool we want to ask if there is already an existing solution.


      Questions:         Can a JMS-queue that is registered in JMX be deleted by the use of the JMX-Console?

                               Is a utility available that allows to delete a JMS queue?


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