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    JBoss 5.1 XA transaction makes DB2 UDB server crash

    Yves Martin Newbie



      I am migrating applications from Java 5 / JBoss 4.0 to Java 6 / JBoss 5.1 and I get my DB2 UDB 9.5 Windows service just crashing when testing the application !


      The application (EJB2 with fat swing client) uses XA transactions connected to 2 UDB servers on Windows and a IBM i (AS/400) database.


      The following "old" combination works: Java 5, JBoss 4.0, db2jcc.jar (JDBC 3.0)

      The following "new" combination makes DB2 UDB windows service crash: Java 6, JBoss 5.1, db2jcc4.jar (JDBC 4.0)


      So I have tested that mixed combination: Java 6, JBoss 4.0, db2jcc4.jar (JDBC 4.0) and in that case, the database runs properly.


      Is there any known issue with JBoss 5.1 XA transaction manager when connecting to DB2 UDB 9.5 ?


      Thank you in advance for your help

      Yves Martin