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    Where are

    Mark S. Newbie



      I downloaded GateIn with JBoss AS 5.1.0 JDK6 (zip).


      I now am trying to go through this documentation: http://community.jboss.org/wiki/StepsToCreateANewPortalFromSample-Portal


      The first problem i am encountering is project structure referenced in the documentation. It states:

      Project Structure

      1.       Copy entire jboss-epp-5.0-src/portal directory to a new location, myportal.

      2.       From the myportal directory, run mvn install. This is required at this level to download and build libraries required to build the portal.


      1. The problem is i do not see any such path or directory.

      2. Additionally, i did not need to run any mvn script to get the default portal to come up.  All i did was run the run.sh or run.bat files, depending on platform i am on.  Both seem to start the Jboss app server and i'm able to get to the portal app at http://localhost:8080/portal.

      3. Lastly, does the default portal use a database? and if so where is it?


      Thanks much.