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    Discovery problem

    Mustafa Akkoca Newbie

      Hi there,

      Here is my custom plugin's discovery component for jboss connectors. The code below discovers 8009 and 8080 connectors succefuly but only one connector appears in the server instead of 2. I've seen metrics are collected for both resource in the agent logs.


           Set<ObjectInstance> beans = null;
                  try {
                      beans = mbsconn.queryMBeans(new ObjectName("jboss.web:type=Connector,*"),null);
                      for( ObjectInstance instance : beans ){
                              String protocol = (String)mbsconn.getAttribute(instance.getObjectName(), "protocol");
                              String port = String.valueOf(mbsconn.getAttribute(instance.getObjectName(), "port"));
                              String address = ((Inet4Address)mbsconn.getAttribute(instance.getObjectName(), "address")).getHostAddress();                                                
                              String resourceName = protocol.substring(0,protocol.indexOf("/")).toLowerCase() + "-" + address + "-" + port;
                              String resourceKey = resourceName; 
                              DiscoveredResourceDetails service = new DiscoveredResourceDetails(context.getResourceType(), resourceKey, resourceName, "", "Custom plugin discovered jboss connector", null, null);
                              Configuration config = service.getPluginConfiguration();
                              config.put(new PropertySimple("objectName", instance.getObjectName().toString()));
                              log.info("Service adding "+resourceKey);
                          }catch(Exception e){
                  } catch (Exception e) {
                      log.error("Jboss query failed!.",e);




      This is what i expect,


         >Jboss Probe




      This is what i get,


         >Jboss Probe


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          Ian Springer Master

          I'd try running another full discovery via the "discovery -f" Agent prompt command, then see if the service shows up.


          Can you attach your full discovery class along with your plugin descriptor?

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            Mustafa Akkoca Newbie

            Agent log(agent_log.png) shows both connectors are queried but i can only see http- connector on server(see tree.png).

            I've tried "discovery -f" one more for you but didn't work.

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              Mustafa Akkoca Newbie

              When I type avail command on agent console i can see both resources and status are UP.


              UP:     http-
              UP:     ajp-


              If I re-inventory MyPlugin, appearing connector may change. Sometimes http- sometimes ajp- becomes avaliable on tree view. What should i do further?

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                Mustafa Akkoca Newbie

                I checked out skeleton-plugin project again and added a service definition to it's rhq-plugin.xml.


                <service name="xxx-service" discovery="DummyDiscoveryClass" class="DummyComponentClass"
                               createDeletePolicy="neither" singleton="true">
                         <operation displayName="Reset Peak Thread Metrics" name="resetPeakThreadCount"
                                    description="Reset the peak number of threads"/>              


                I copied existing agent classes and named them DummyDiscoveryClass and DummyComponentClass.


                I want to see 2 services under the "My Server" so i modified DummyDiscoveryClass.

                String key = "My Service Resource Key";
                        String name = "My Service Resource";
                        String version = "1.0";
                        String description = "This describes My Resource";

                        DiscoveredResourceDetails resource = new DiscoveredResourceDetails(context.getResourceType(), key, name,
                            version, description, null, null);
                        DiscoveredResourceDetails resource2 = new DiscoveredResourceDetails(context.getResourceType(), key+1, name+1,
                                version, description, null, null);       






                I was expecting this view,

                Sample Plugin Server

                     |__My Resource

                              |_____ My Service Resource

                              |_____ My Service Resource1


                Bu I got this,

                Sample Plugin Server

                     |__My Resource

                               |_____ My Service Resource

                     |__My Resource

                               |_____ My Service Resource1



                I have read the custom plugin developmet manual I also have explored other plugins sources but I still don't know some basic rules i think.

                Isn't there anyone to give me a hint to figure out what the problem is?

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                  mazz Master

                  One thing that jumps out at me - you said you want multiple service resources under your "My Resource" server. However, in your <service> descriptor, you have the attribute 'singleton="true"'. Only use singleton set to true iff you will have a SINGLE resource. I suspect the combination of saying singleton=true along with providing multiple resources might be causing this problem.


                  If you still see this after you take out singleton=true and retry it, post the full descriptor and the "My Resource" server discovery class code.

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                    Mustafa Akkoca Newbie

                    Finally, I managed return to this project.

                    I tried your suggestion and it worked like a charm.


                    BTW, I've added a useful operation to my ThreadProbe, for investigating cpu utilization of threads that running in that JVM.

                    Actually, it was the main reason of creating this custom plugin.


                    Anyway, thank you for all your interest.