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    Stefano Maestri Expert

      Hi all,

      I've committed the first draft of the named xsd. It aims to define a structure of former <connection-factories> tag in old jboss-ds_6_0.dtd.

      It add some new concept (adming object, resource_adapter tag and so on) and try to make easier to write this kind of config both for new and old concepts (aka connection-factories).

      Please have a look to the xsd, the metadata api, and its implementation with also StAX parser implemented too.

      Maybe it would help to take a look also to our test suite resources where I have ported an example taken for AS6 and converted to the new structure. I'll convert much more of these examples as soon we have discussed xsd and we have agreed about it (to just don't nedd to fix thess porting many times).


      Any comment are more than welcome.




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          Jesper Pedersen Master

          I think that instead of having each connection factory be separate with no-tx, local-tx and xa-tx - we should just have a <transaction-support> which can override the RA specified one.


          Then in our deployer will just ignore attributes/elements which doesn't make sense for the connection manager in question.


          I see this as a largely usability / documentation issue -- the format should be as simple as possible, so focus on setting the JNDI name for a single connection factory first, and we will work from there.