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    a4j:commandButton and browser back button

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      Seam 2.0.2-FP
      RF 3.3.0.GA

      sorry to cross-post in forums, but I have a feeling this may be a RF issue/bug or my mistake possibly.


      When I removed the a4j:commandButton and replaced with h:commandButton the destroy() method in my SFSB Seam component was no longer being executed after I clicked the back button in IE7.

      Is this a known bug/issue in RF? Also is there any rules regarding embedding a4j:commandButton inside h:form and/or a4j:form?

      In the 3.3.0.GA ref doc I see the following example:

      <h:form id="form">
      <a4j:commandButton id="cbutton" action="director.rollCamera"
      oncomplete="document.getElementById('form:cbutton').disabled=false" />

      So I don't understand why this happened in my use case and it was *very* frustrating to trouble-shoot and solve.

      BTW, I actually need a4j:commandButton instead of h:commandButton to use the rich:modalPanel/a4j:status combo please wait dialog I found in Practical RF book. thx.