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    Crashing esb takes jms with it?

    Ron Olson Newbie

      Hi all-


      I am running 4.8 server and I have been pouring through the logs trying to diagnose a problem where JBoss seems to become unresponsive for a period of time, sometimes just a couple of minutes, sometimes forever (or so it seems).


      I've noticed that if an esb terminates abnormally, like encountering a nullpointerexception, I start to see:

      javax.jms.JMSException: There is no administratively defined queue with name:queue/Invoice_Request_esb_reply


      which then generates more errors, typically with the web service that was waiting on the reply to time out. Okay,  but I have another service, called "HelloWorldESB" that is just a loopback and it starts having the same problem, same error. Most of the time I have no choice to but to kill -9 the process (as it won't stop cleanly) and then upon restart, all is well again.


      I guess I don't understand why the bad behavior of one service would affect another; I appreciate they all go through the same jms system, but I would expect both services to be completely isolated insofar as a crash in one doesn't affect anything else, let alone JBoss itself!


      Has anyone else seen this behavior, and might have any idea what more to investigate or what might be the cause?