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        Stan Silvert Master

        Marcin Kuthan wrote:


        The inline expression elManagedBean.hello() should be equivalent to the <h:outputText value="elManagedBean.hello()"/>. I suppose that <h:outputText .../> also throws an exception (I don't have JBoss runtime to check, now).


        Many thanks,


        Actually, I think the <h:outputText .../> one will probably work!


        I'm still confused about what the difference is between Glassfish and JBoss.  They should be running the same code.



        • 16. Re: [JBossAS6] Problem in EL. Method without Argument is fail.
          Marcin Kuthan Newbie

          Hi Stan


          I looked into 2.1 spec (from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javaee/tech/index.html page). I didn't know about specification maintanance release. The corresponding fragments:

          A generalized [] operator can be used to access maps, lists, arrays of objects and properties of a
          JavaBeans object, and to invoke methods in a JavaBeans object; the operator can be
          nested arbitrarily. The . operator can be used as a convenient shorthand for
          property access when the property name follows the conventions of Java identifiers,
          but the [] operator allows for more generalized access. Simlarly, . operator can also
          be used to invoke methods, when the method name is known, but the [] operator
          can be used to invoke methods dynamically.


          The expression expr-a["identifier-b"](params)denotes a parametered
          method invocation, where params is a comma-separated list of expressions
          denoting the parameters for the method call.


          Based on JSF spec <h:outputText /> should not work. The "value" attribute is not mentioned as method expression enabled.


          The diferences between JBoss and GF are hard to explain. I assume differences in the libraries versions.



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