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    Maven Integration ?

    christian-luc houze Newbie

      I just installed  JBoss Developer Studio 3.0.1 with EAP Windows Binary

      this is the latest version available on the Software Download Page, and I thought (wrongly) that m2eclipse was pre-installed inside, with all others plugins...

      But, I can't see any Maven integration with JBoss Developer Studio (neither can I find any documentation related to it)

      Therefore my questions:


      Above the provided Eclipse installation, can I install the latest m2eclipse version (0.10.2) from http://m2eclipse.sonatype.org/sites/m2e ?

      Should I be aware of any known problems between JBoss tools and this latest version ?

      Is there any Maven preset integration within JBoss Developer Studio (e.g. some projects achetypes available somewhere ?)

      Is there any associated documentation ?


      Thanks for any information,