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    Searching some documentation on the RichFaces resource framework

    youssouf kone Newbie



      I have found some documentation on the use of resource:/// to load resources from external libraries through the mechanism offered by the RichFaces resource framework. I have only used this syntax in h:graphicImage. I have some questions :

      • Is there a way to get the same behaviour for images referenced in CSS, like in background-image property ?
      • Is the resource-config.xml file, that is in some projects (component ones), handled by the same mechanism (i.e. the RichFaces resource framework) ?
      • Is there any documentation on the subject because the official RichFaces documentation is very poor on that ?
      • Does this mechanism is built upon a ResourceResolver and moreover, where can I find the sources of this mechanism on the SVN ?


      Thanks in advance.