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    Performace issues...

    Mark S. Newbie


      i am noticing some significant differences in performance based on environment i am running on.  On my personal (@home) system (linux based), i installed GateIn and got it up and running rather quickly.  Performance seemed  good (certain pages or functions took longer than others, but over all speed was more than tolerable).


      However, when i installed this on our company intranet on a windows machine to test (Windows XP), it took HOURS to install, leading me several times to believe the installation just didn't work.  On the final attempt i let the install run overnight and checked in the morning and see that it did install (it took several hours based on the logs).  Additionally, when i finally hit the home page, it took several minutes to load. Overall performance since then has been abysmal.

      (i could not successfully install it on our linux servers due to restrictions with http access, and i see that the startup scripts initially tries to read a number of wsdl files from an http address).



      I'm curious if anyone might have any insights into this issue given the limited info or if there are any debug steps or logs i can inspect to help identify the problem.  Have others notices anything similar?  Wondering what's so 'special' about being at work vs. being at home that may be causing this.


      On a side note: i notice that this forum is also very slow.  is this forum the same one that comes with GateIn? Is the slowness due to maybe database indexing or some implementational details with the code?  I'm wondering how GateIn scales when you start hitting a database with several thousand registered users.