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    Configurations running Gatein on Postresql DB and multiple servers

    Art Munro Novice

      I have configured Gatein 3.1 with Postgre DB (using config settings in user guide (running on Tomcat).


      Now when I configure the portal (layout/pages) etc I notice a lot of the settings are being stored in DB (its complex and cant really follow what is going on under the covers).  Now if I check server I see root/gatein/data/db created.  So this means that some of the Data is being created on the local disk and not the configured DB.


      My hope is to have 2 servers with Gatein deployed and 1 DB.  Is this possible?  Is this the right approach for redundant portal server? (note we dont want to run cluster as it it too much overhead )  If our sever crashes then our users can just login again.