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    Brian Krisler Newbie

      I haev successfully gotten PKI+XACML protected web services to work,

      and now I would like to wrap my XACML requests in SAML.  Looking over

      the code based, it appears my choices are using the STS token server or

      the SAMLXACMLSOAPServlet.


      I do not think the servlet is the approach I want to take since I already have

      a web service that I want to access.  That leaves me with the STS token server.

      However it looks like the WSTrustClient requires a username/password for

      obtaining a token. There does not appear to be a method for sending keys instead

      of a password.


      Am I stuck writing my own?  Thanks for any pointers.



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          Anil Saldanha Master

          UserName/Cred   can  be (NULL, Cert)  correct?   It is left to the token providers to figure out the details?


          WSTrustClient is just a utility class for users.  You are free to use the JAX-WS direct api.


          Since this is a open source project, I do strongly recommend that you add a method to WSTrustClient for keys or generic objects and contribute it back.