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    Jopr Showing incorrect CPU graphs.

    Tarun .. Newbie




      I'm running a jopr server on Ubuntu 9.04 and monitoring several resources on it.

      Currently im running a JMX Mbean application on the same server. Every time i start and stop the server i see some change in graphs.

      To confirm if the graphs were correct, i downloaded Ubuntu system monitorning tool.


      When i compare the CPU's graphs on Jopr and Ubuntu system monitoring tool, the graphs are not correct. Most probably the graphs are correct on ubunutu system monitoring tool. As the CPU load increases and graph reaches a high value everytime i start a JMX service on the server.


      Where as on other hand if i see the Jopr graphs there is no notable change and there is hardly change in graphs.

      Moreover if there is change in the graphs the time is show below doesnt seem to be correct. what can i do ?


      Any one who could advice me on this,


      Your help would be greatly appreciated