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    JBoss WS problem installation

    Manuel Jordan Newbie

      Dear Members


      I just download two individual components from JBoss Tools 3.1.1.GA Stable Release


      • Hibernate Tools (HibernateTools-3.3.1.v201006011046R-H111-GA.zip)
      • JBoss WS Tools (JBossWS-Tools-1.1.1.v201006011046R-H111-GA.zip)


      apart I downloaded and unzipped Eclipse 3.5.2 (Galileo), therefore this Eclipse installation is pure or from the scratch


      Well I unziped both zip files (Hibernate and WS tools), and for each one has two folders, features and plugins,

      well I moved all such contents to Eclipse, to its respective match folders, and re start Eclipse,


      If I do File->New->Other I can see the option/folder Hibernate, therefore I got a successful installation for Hibernate Tools


      The problem is for Web Services, I have read the documentation about WS (BTW instructions for installation is not included),

      and well in the follow section 2. Creating a Web Service using JBossWS runtime has this image



      The problem is that in my Eclipse environment not appear the option JBoss Web Services


      How I can resolve this? what I forgot?


      Thanks in advanced