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    jBPM 4.4 - How to deploy a business archive ?

    nicolas duminil Newbie



      The jBPM 3.x GPD, in the Eclipse jBPM perspective, had a tab named Deployment on the behalf of which one could deploy a business archive. With GPD 4.x this tab seems to have disapeared. The documentation doesn't insist much on the deployment, even if this is one of the most important topics. Instead, the only information the documentation is giving concerning the deployment is the ant JbpmDeplyTask.


      Is that possible that the only way to deploy a jBPM 4 business archive be on the behalf of ant ? Why such a regression ? I expected to be able to deploy with the Add or Remove function in the Eclipse JBoss view, but no way ! I also expected to find in the jBPM Console a deploy function, as in any console. I didn't find anything.


      So how is one supposed to deploy a business archive ? I can't beleive that, after spending time and money to develop a nice visual tool as GPD, one decided that the generated result by GPS has to be deplyed with ant !


      Please advice.


      many thanks in advance.



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          Dino Trump Newbie

          Hi, you should check  the repositoryService, I'm using a servlet to deploy processes with this code. Where f is a java.io.File with the .jpdl.xml. Although there are other useful methods.



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            nicolas duminil Newbie

            I don't need code ! This tool is ment to be used by a business analyst to model processes. You don't imagine that, after using a graphical tool to model processes, the business analyst will start writing Java code to deploy them ! Why having developed a graphical tool in this case ? Why not writing the XML with notepad as It is not more difficult to write XML then Java code ? If you're saying that this is the only way to deploy a business archive then this approach is simply non-sense.

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              Maciej Swiderski Master

              Note that jBPM 4.x is not finished yet and it is mainly developed by community at the moment so please be patient. Contribution is always welcome


              I have done some work on deployment through BPM console but it did not make it to the current release, if you like you could apply the patch and build it from source. jBPM integration part should be already included so it is a matter only of BPM console.


              Here is the BPMC jira issue. https://jira.jboss.org/browse/BPMC-58


              Comments are welcome too.