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    jUDDI cluster configuration

    Federico Bellan Newbie


      i have this situation:

      Two jboss soa servers (Node 1 and Node 2) configured in cluster mode; the jboss version is: jboss-soa-p.5.0.0.

      Servers use the same jUDDI database (in the Service guide is referred as embedded jUDDI).

      I use SQL Server 2005.


      I haven't problems in the servers starting phase and servers talk to each other without problems, showing me the fact that a node is live or not.

      Now i want to deploy the same service into the two servers to perform the failover. Doing so, the registry on the db doesn't register the service. I followed the user guide to configure the db and jUDDI in embedded mode.

      Can someone help me?

      thanks in advice,