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    Getting inconsistence data from jboss cache using gridgain

    Kiran Kumar Donthula Newbie



      We are using Gridgain 2.1.1 and jboss cache 3.1.1 with JDBM persistence,


      I've One SlipIndex object is stored in jboss cache path '/application/male' and same instance is also stored in '/application/unknown'. The SlipIndex objects contain array of PrintIndex objects, this PrintIndex object array is sorted based on quality, when I run application with sequentially getting same instance of SlipIndex & PrintIndex objects and also PrintIndex objects are in sorted order, but when I run in grid gain with multiple jobs (each and every path is creating one job) getting worng results, In one job getting SlipIndex including PrintIndex objects sorted order but in other job (ex:'/application/unknown' ) not getting correct order.


      o/p of PrintIndex object in differnt jobs
      job1 getting : [com.cmc.facts.index.PrintIndex@7c9f, com.cmc.facts.index.PrintIndex@9ffb]
      job2 getting : [com.cmc.facts.index.PrintIndex@9ffb, com.cmc.facts.index.PrintIndex@7c9f]


      one more observation, if job1( i.e '/application/male') executed first getting correct results and other job2 getting wrong results, if suppose job2 (i.e '/application/unknown') executed first getting correct results and other job1 getting wrong results


      Note:we are not modifying any thing only getting the data from jboss cache
      Note: jboss cache is persistence using JDBM

      Why this type of situation is happening using jboss cache and grid gain