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    sql provider as source of data?

    Rocky S Master


      Can sql-provider act as a source of data using jndi ds name? I want to achive is, sql provider reads 1 row at a time and pass on it to the action pipleline which eventually gets written to the file. This way the system will be scalable as sql provider can read maximum number of rows.

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          Raghavan TV Newbie

          If I understand your question correctly,


          Yes you can use jndi reference.


          JNDI reference in jboss-esb.xml sql provider config

               <sql-provider datasource="java:/ordermgmtds" name="sqlprovider1">


          There are samples available that contains a working sample that uses hsqldb. You can point it to any standard db and bundle required JDBC JAR.


          Hope this helps