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    Migartion from javax.jms,(OpenJms) to JbossMessaging

    Rahul Aahir Newbie

      Hi All,


      Curently we are upgrading an JMS Application which is using Openjms and javax.jms standard code.


      Do we need to change the JMS client code (in Jboss Messaging[JBM]) .


      What about JMS server in Jboss Messaging.


      Thanks in Advance for the support.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Rahul Aahir

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          Zemian Deng Apprentice

          1) You might want to post to JBossMessaging forum instead.


          2) JBoss's next generation of messaging product is called HornetQ, and it will be default JBoss6, so check it out.


          3) If you used standard javax.jms api, then your code will not change much. If you used anything OpenJMS specific, obviously you need to replace equavalent with JBossMessaging.


          4) What about the server? JBossMessaging is the message broker/server, just as OpenJMS. So... your question is?


          be specific with your question and you get better answer.

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            Rahul Aahir Newbie

            Dear Zemian,


            Thanks for reply .


            Basically in my application exolab's Openjms source code is been used like below  :


            import javax.jms.Message;
            import org.exolab.jms.selector.Selector; // source code file


            class Evaluator {


            protected Evaluator(){}


            public Evaluator(String expression) throws InvalidSelectorException
              m_selector = new Selector(expression); // creating selector Object


            public boolean evaluate(Map params)// here Map is passed as argument
              return evaluate(new MessageSelectionFacade(params));


            public boolean evaluate(Message msg){

                   return m_selector.selects(msg); // receiving message using selects()




            This is the only file where application is using openJms's source code.


            In other java files "JMS clients (producer & consumer)" is written using javax.jms package.


            We are migrating fron OpenJmS (MS provider Jms Server) to Jboss Messaging ( jboss-4.3.0).

            So In this case are the configuration change we have to undergo to run Jboss Messaging (JMS Server)


            Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


            Thanks and Regards,

            Rahul Aahir

            mail : rahul.aahir@tcs.com