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    How do I configure clustered JMS Topic behavior but using the core API

    Justin Waugh Newbie

      I have created a cluster and would like to configure something like a JMS Topic such that messages get forwarded to consumers on all members of the cluster rather than round robining, but I would like to use the core api.  I have successfully set up an actual JMS Topic on the cluster, but I can't find a way to use the core api to do anything other than round robin.  My cluster is such that I have nodes which consumers and producers connect to, and nodes which just forward the traffic.  I guess similar to the "chained cluster" description in the documentation.


      For background, I am attempting to migrate from Tibco Rendezvous to HornetQ.   The core api is more similar to the tibco api we are using, and I would prefer to use it rather than JMS as it seems pretty simple and straightforward. 


      Is it not preferred to use the core api?  Though the documentation somewhat explicitly states that it is easier to use, faster and more powerful than the JMS facade, nearly 100% of the examples are JMS based.