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    RHQ or JOPR 3 is not recognizing JBoss AS 5.1

    Ramki Gollanapalli Newbie


      I am Ramki, trying to work on JOPR, the open source version. I am completely new to JOPR and relatively new to JBoss AS.

      I have recently installed JOPR3 on my Windows XP desktop and also on Sun Solaris 5.10.(two different RHQ server instances.. not even clustered)

      I am noticing the following issues..

      1) On my windows machine, RHQ server is automatically recognized as a resource after I installed the agent. However, if start a new JBoss 5.1 server, it's not recognized.

      2) On the Unix machine, neither RHQ Server nor other JBoss 5.1/4.2.2 instances running on it are regnized as a resource in RHQ server.

      I have not done any configuration changes in JOPR to install plugins or on the JBoss startup.

      Could you please suggest me what could be the reson why it's not appearing as resources?


      Any help in this regard will be much appreciated..