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    Quartz configuration with more than one server

    Federico Bellan Newbie


      i'm trying to realize a project that performs an action (deployed in a esb project) in a precise date and time. I read about cron schedule in the user guide, and all is ok.

      Now i configured two servers in cluster mode without problems, and i want deploy the project that contains cron scheduler on both of server to perform fail over. Obviously in both servers i deployed the service that the cron schedule must call.

      When the cron schedule reaches the date and time i set, the corresponding service (action) is invoked on BOTH servers, but i want that just one service will be invoked.

      How can i solve this problem?


      Schematically i have this environment:


      Node1                                                  Node2

      CronScheduler.esb                                CronSceduler.esb

      PrintMessage.esb                                 PrintMessage.esb


      Node1 and Node2 are two servers with a shared db.

      Thanks in advance,