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    Query and QueryHelper / Radegast

    Thomas Fuller Newbie

      I am working on adding dynamic query methods to the Grails Infinispan plugin such that the developer will be able to execute queries directly on the cache -- for example:


      def results = agentCache.query (Agent.class, "weapon", "gun")


      in order to make this work at the moment I am using the QueryHelper, which is documented as a temporary helper class here:




      Do you happen to have any idea what the solution looks like for 4.1.0 (production) or is the Infinispan team still working on this? I've looked around for some examples and everything I've come across seems to rely on the QueryHelper. What I'm looking for is an example of code that does not rely on the aforementioned helper class.


      Also do you have any idea when this will be available?


      I'd like to implement this once and not have to revisit it later.


      Thanks for your help,