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    EJBTHREE-2143 EjbReferenceResolver for nointerface view

    jaikiran pai Master

      I'm going to prioritize https://jira.jboss.org/browse/EJBTHREE-2143 and start working on it today. The reason I had not touched it this long, was because even though the implementation was easy, it required some careful thought to avoid bringing in JBMETA 2.x dependency into ejb3-common (due to our EAP requirements). After some thought, I have now decided what needs to be done:


      1) I am going to create a new jboss-ejb3-ejbref-resolver in git

      2) Deprecate the current resolvers (and the spi) from ejb3-common.

      3) Move that existing spi and impl code to the new git project created in #1 (and rename their package names)

      4) Provide JBMETA 1.x (a.k.a EJB3.0 aware) based impl (for EAP) and JBMETA 2.x (a.k.a EJB3.1 aware) based impl for AS trunk and any other consumers.

      5) Once we have this new jboss-ejb3-ejbref-resolver ready, I'm going to make ejb3-core depend on this and delegate the ref resolution to these resolvers (to avoid backward compatibility for EAP).


      I'm going to start work on this today. If there are any objections, feel free to report here.