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    Logging to file or JMS in JBoss

    Liam Oconnor Newbie

      Hi Everyone,
      I have been gathering different pieces of information on logging in
      JEE environment to set up my own logging scheme in JEE project.
      Keeping in mind that according to JEE specification writing directly to java.io
      is not allowed from EJB components I think that what is worth considering
      is a JMSAppender which has some pros and cons but first and foremost it is EJB specification compliant.
      My question is as follows: if it is not the right
      approach to send logs to files then how does compare to internal logging in JBoss server?
      Obviously it must make use of java.io but still this is a JEE environment so
      is it correct to assume that JEE services implemented in JBoss can log to files because they are not
      made up of EJB but applications based on EJB components must not do it?


      I'd appreciate your opinions.