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    Changing default invokers in web server configuration

    J J Newbie

      Hello All, we have set up where in we have JBoss app1 fronted by Apache mod_jk. JBoss app1 in turn talks to several other JBoss apps(2,3,4) (internal only, not accessible through Web Server).

      The JBoss app1 to JBoss app2,3,4 communication is via RMI, thus we disable the http and ajp port in server.xml for app 2,3,4.

      All JBoss apps are in 'web' server configuration.


      1) I have realised that the shutdown script does not work unless the http port is enabled. So it seems like the http invoker is dependent on this port. IS that correct?

      2) Since defining an http port for app 2,3,4 is not an option for me,  I thought of changing the default invoker to jrmp. I did this by editing the jboss/server config/deploy/jmx-invoker-service.xml and changing the http protocol to jrmp. My questions were:

      a. Is this the correct and only place to change the invokers?

      b. Are there any other repurcussions I should be aware of by changing http to jrmp invoker in web server configuration?

      c. What other alternative is there to make shutdown.sh script work with http invoker, but disabled http port? (find the process and kill it maybe?)


      This is quite urgent, any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.