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    How to do configuration management with GateIn Portal?

    Torsten Fink Newbie



      we are thinking about the best way to manage the configuration of a GateIn Portal.


      Usually, we

      • use SVN to store configuration artifacts
      • provide scripts to automatically set up a fully configured development system
      • provide scripts to automatically set up the test and production system.


      This is no problem for the portlets themselves.


      But, regarding the portal configuration with its pages, groups, memberships, page layout, page navigation etc. we are a little bit confused.


      Of course we can hack the XML-Configuration, which is parsed at the startup of the server. But the maintaining of the XML files is very cumbersome. It also feels false to edit XML when you can use the nice editors.


      We have not seen a tool yet to extract the portal configuration into an artifact that then could be stored in SVN.


      So the question is: How do you do your configuration management? What do you advise?


      Best regards,