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    Xuan Song Newbie

      Hi there,


      Right now I'm studying service composition and already finished my study on Orchestration. When I turn to Choreography, however, I found it really hard for to come up with a solution to really implement a Choreography based composition.


      WS-CDL is only used for description or simulation (work with pi4soa) and it is just a W3C Candidate recommendation, BPMN2 seems cannot be used for real implementation as well.


      To be precise,


      If i have 3 web services A, B, and C, How can I really build a Choreography based composition, to make A, B and C have a real peer-to-peer communication between one another?


      Moreover, according to some search, few researchers have built engines to really execute ws-cdl liked file to really implement Choreography (such as OpenKnowledge and WS-CDL+), with the help of these engines, service A, B and C can really collaborate with one another (something like, once A sends B some message, B will have some kinds of reaction). However, they ar not really integrated with any IDE which makes it time consuming.


      Is there any well supported solution to implement Choreography?


      Kind Regrads~ and Thanks for your help.