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    Transactions and jBPM

    Francis Tellina Newbie

      Hi all!

      I have in charge to set up a small prototype for verifying if it's possible to port a vendor solution (Oracle Workflow) to jBPM.


      In my OracleWorkflows there are many use cases where the execution is forked in two branches which both execute transactions. Then, in the JOIN node, if both nodes completed correctly transactions a commit is issued. Otherwise a rollback is executed.


      I'd like to reproduce the same behaviour- I have arranged for the purpose a fork with two Java EJB Nodes which perform DML Statements. However, I have two doubts :

      1) How can I coordinate transactions ? should I use BMT (via UserTransaction) and manually issue a commit() in the Join node ?

      2) How do I know if some Statements fail, that is, if I have to issue a rollback() in the JOIN node ?


      Thanks a lot in advance