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    CONTROL_SKINNING doesn't work on h:selectOneMenu

    Stasa Medjedovic Newbie


      I made a simple example with several JSF input and select components, so I can see if styles are applied to them as they should when org.richfaces.CONTROL_SKINNING parameter is enabled. Components that I used were:


      - When I run example on Firefox 3.5 Beta4, all of them have backgrounds with light blue gradient (org.richfaces.SKIN = blueSky), except <h:selectOneMenu>.

      - When I run example on Internet Explorer 7.0, only input components have light blue gradient.

      - When I run example on Opera 9.64, none of the components have light blue gradients

      I can inspect applied CSS with Firebug, and it looks OK. But, browsers don't display them correctly. So, I don't get it. Why using CONTROL_SKINNING, when it is not properly displayed? Why is it there at all, when it is not functioning properly?

      I used:
      RichFaces 3.3.0
      JSF RI 1.2_12