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    enable SSL in jboss




      I need some help about how to enable the SSL in JBoss.

      Please go through to my requirement below:


      Requirement details :

      I have two war files project1.war and projecct2.war and both deployed on single jboss instance.

      However there is no issue in that but I would like that project2.war should be deployed on HTTPS and project1.war should remian on HTTP.






      Please note that there is a link in project1.war that diverts a request to project2.war


      Please let me your opeinion and advise, Is that possible??

      If Yes, then please let me know how to achieve it.


      Thanks a lot


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          You can configure one http port on 8080 and a https on 8443 through Tomcat config, which what JBoss uses web container, so consults their doc on SSL.