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    ear deployement issue

    pratap babar Newbie

      Hello  All,


      I am deploying ear file in the jboss 5.1 server . My ear file consists of only ejb.jar and the jars required to run that ejb.jar . When I deploy the ear ,all ejbs get bind to global jndi but the jars required to run that jar are not present in the classpath. So my question is how the jars present in the ear file will come in classpath.


      I observed that, after deploying the ear file  that jars will go in vfs-nested.tmp folder of tmp. But how can that jars will be available to ejb.jar in order to run the ejbs .


      Please suggest me if I am miising any thing while deploy . I am using ejb2.

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          Zemian Deng Apprentice

          Just add your share library jars in your.ear/lib directory.


          Read Java EE spec 8.2.1, it tells you how to package EAR file and using shared library.


          I would suggest you investing your time in EJB3, not 2.

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            Zemian Deng Apprentice

            BTW, you shouldn't be tie any of your codes to the JBOSS's tmp directory. It shouldn't matter to you what the server does with it. It's just a "temp" for the server processing, and it's subject to change/delete upon each restart. Just like your Window's C:\temp, or Linux's /tmp.


            Again, read the JBoss manual.

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