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    rich:colorPicker - editbox size + bad link to dev guide from

    Mark LoSacco Newbie

      First off, thanks so much for the color picker. Very nice addition and I am working on replacing out an inferior one we had been using.

      2 issues:

      1. Is there any way (like in rich:calendar) to set the size of the edit box? It is much larger than need be when using hex. In calendar there is the inputSize attribute. A similar one here would be great. Is there any workaround someone could suggest?

      2. The link to the developer's guide page from the demo site for the colorPicker is broken.
      Broken Link: http://www.jboss.org/file-access/default/members/jbossrichfaces/freezone/docs/devguide/en/html/ColorPicker.html
      Correct Link: http://www.jboss.org/file-access/default/members/jbossrichfaces/freezone/docs/devguide/en/html/rich_colorPicker.html