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    ajaxGet returning a 'Session Timeout, Refresh browser' issue

    James Bragg Newbie

      One of the projects that I am working on is the migration of a Struts 2 application into the GateIn Portal.  The previous application used ajax as a critical part of the application.  Unfortunetly, I do not have the time to learn or resource the of Groovy portlet concept, as we are already way behind on our project.  I have gone through and converted the application to utilize the Struts 2 Portlet Bridge. One of the steps that needs to be handled is to make an ajax struts 2 action call and update a div with the new information.


      The initial page loads as expect, no fuctionality included.




      // function to make ajax call

      function getReport(){

         // get action url
          action = document.getElementById('reportAction').innerHTML;


          // preform get and callback will be setReport function

          ajaxGet(action, setReport);

      // function to update div with new info from ajax call

      function setReport(instance){
          document.getElementById('report').innerHTML = instance.responseText;


      <a href="#" onclick="getReport();">Today</a>


      <!-- Create url for the struts 2 action that needs to be called -->

      <s:url action="bandwidthReport" portletUrlType="action" id="reportActionURL" var="reportActionURL"/>

      <!-- Set value of the struts 2 action url in div -->

      <div id="reportAction" style="display:none"><s:property value="%{reportActionURL}"/></div>



      <!-- div to display new content from ajax call -->

      <div id="report" style="display: block"></div>



      So when I click on the Today link, I can see in firebug that a new Get ajax request is being executed; however, I get an alert from the browser stating that my 'Session Timeout ! Refresh your browser'.  For a brief moment I do see my <div id="report"> updated with new content.  Upon looking at the response in the browser, if appears to be a complete set of my current Portal page with out the new content and not the segment that I was expecting. So I am assuming that I need to modify my call to do something with the PortletResponse.blocksToUpdate attribute or HttpResponseHandler.updateBlocks method.


      I've read through the documentation, but am still at a loss on my next step.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!