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    Is Richfaces.ComboBox.setInputWidth() buggy?

    Paulo Pinto Novice



      this question relates to a previous one that I have posted, but it a bit difference, hence the new post.


      I am trying to redefine some of the comboBox CSS classes, but without sucess. Regardless of what I do, I always end up getting one pixel less in the comboBox, as you can see on the image.



      Looking at the setInputWidth() code, I see the following:



      setInputWidth : function() {     var width; if (Richfaces.browser.isIE6) { width = parseInt(this.field.parentNode.style.width) - this.BUTTON_WIDTH; } else {     width = parseInt(this.field.parentNode.style.width)           - parseInt(Element.getStyle(this.field, Richfaces.borders.l))           - parseInt(Element.getStyle(this.field, Richfaces.paddings.l))           - parseInt(Element.getStyle(this.field, Richfaces.paddings.r))           - parseInt(Element.getStyle(this.field, Richfaces.borders.r));     width -= this.buttonBG.offsetWidth ? this.buttonBG.offsetWidth : this.BUTTON_WIDTH; } this.field.style.width = width + "px"; }


      The values for  Richfaces.borders.l, Richfaces.borders.r and  Richfaces.paddings.r is 0, only Richfaces.paddings.l is 1.


      Now the calculation above ends up removing a pixel on the right on the comboBox input field, as shown on the image above.


      Is the function buggy or am I doing something wrong?


      Thanks in advance,