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    Problem with h:selectOneMenu and f:selectItems

    semua60 Newbie



      I've a simple jsf form (richfaces 3.3.3) with component h:selectOneMenu and f:selectItems


           <h:selectOneMenu id="aa" value="#{testBean.str}">
                 <f:selectItems id="bb" value="#{testBean.items}" />




      And the bean is:


      public class TestBean {

          private String str;


         public List<SelectItem> getItems() {

             List<SelectItem> items = new ArrayList();

             items.add(new SelectItem("a", "a1"));
             items.add(new SelectItem("b", "b1"));

             return items;



          public String getStr() {

              return str;



          public void setStr(String str) {

              this.str = str;





      When I run, I got error message:


      javax.servlet.ServletException: Expected a child component type of UISelectItem/UISelectItems for component type javax.faces.SelectOne ....




      But If I change f:selectItems with statically defined using f:selectItem, it's working properly.


      Anyone can help me? How to resolve this?