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    mod_cluster 1.1.0 and tomcat 6.0.29 issues and questions

    Ruslan Gainutdinov Newbie



      We have complex infrastructure involving 5x apache httpd servers and 16 tomcats.

      I`ve tried to evaluate mod_cluster as a replacement of stable and working mod_jk.

      mod_cluster features such as dynamic configuration and node status update are very important for us.

      However there is some problems I found.


      I am using Windows 7 x64, Java 1.6.0_18-b07 32bit,

      Tomcat 6.0.29 + APR 1.1.20

      + load_demo webapp.


      1. Logging configured incorrectly. If started with debugger, I can see that jboss logging is configured to

      use NullLoggerPlugin. To force to use JDK14LoggerPlugin I need


      set JAVA_OPTS=-Dorg.jboss.logging.Logger.pluginClass=org.jboss.logging.jdk.JDK14LoggerPlugin


      2. ROOT context is actually not excluded. If I access http://localhost/mod_cluster-manager/  I see:


      /, Status: ENABLED Request: 0 Disable

      I don`t specify excludedContexts in <Listener .. /> directive. Default Tomcat contexts host-manager, manager are not excluded too.

      3. Apache httpd permissions not compatible with production systems, IMHO.
      Official documentation states I need to add

       <Directory />
           Order deny,allow
           Deny from all
           Allow from xxx.xxx.xxx.xx

      Without it I receive error:
      client denied by server configuration: C:/
      in httpd and
      Error [null: null: {4}] sending command INFO to proxy
      in tomcat.

      Is there any way to workaround requirement to know IP of application server? mod_cluster is all about loose coupling

      and I don`t want to allow whole subnet/everyone full access to server filesystem.

      Maybe INFO/STATUS http requests can go to special virtual path, e.g. STATUS /mod_cluster HTTP/1.0


      4. Can be mod_cluster mixed with Tomcat cluster settings?


      5. Is it possible to run apache httpd without <VirtualHost>?

      Is it enough to set ServerAdvertise On http://hostname:80?


      6. It is not clear when context mounting information is reloaded. I have run without excludedContexts="ROOT"

      and / have got replaced with one from tomcat`s.

      Restarting does not help.

      Only manual delete of logs/manager.* files fixed this situation.