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    Filtering and priority

    John Muhlestein Newbie

      I am unable to filter based on the priority of the message.


      Through JMX and in creating a divert definition, I am attempting to filter a set of messages based on the priority of the message. When I show all messages as JSON, I can see that one of the parameters is "priority" (I had actually expected it to be JMSPriority, but that is a different issue), and see that it has a value associated with it that I assigned as the priority when producing the message.


      I can see that several of my messages have the priority = 8 (as opposed to the default value of 4) but when I use a filter string "priority=8" in any of the JMX calls that accept a filter (count, messages as JSON, move, etc) the result is always 0 or an empty array.


      Was the intent to be able to filter based on the priority value?