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    Extended Data Table sortable / filterBy issues

    Tom ONeill Newbie

      I came across two similar issues with extended data table when sorting or filtering. I'll try to illustrate with examples using the below data.

      Suppose I have an extended data table with the below data in it, showing up as ordered below by default.

      Name | Days
      Alan 2
      Bob 3
      Stan 1
      Sally 4

      The name column contains h:commandLinks that take you to page X with data for the person whose name was clicked.

      Scenario 1:

      Days has sortable = true. User clicks on days header to sort. Stan now appears first in the list. Click on Stan and you go to page X with data for Stan, as expected.

      User clicks on the back button. The table now appears in its original sort order, rather than ordered by 'days'. Click on Bob. User goes to the Alan page (which was row 2 after the user sorted), not as expected.

      Scenario 2:

      Name has a filterBy associated with it. User types in 'S' and the extended data table re-renders and it just shows 'Stan' and 'Sally' rows. User clicks on Stan, goes to page X for Stan. User does something on page X and hits submit, which returns the user to the page with the extended data table. The table still shows up with just Stan and Sally in it, but if you click Stan, it instead takes you to Alan, which was the original row 1.

      I've solved these two issues by (1) using javascript to re-render the table when the user backbuttons to the page, and (2) killing the conversation upon submit/cancel from Page X. I'd like to think that neither of those steps would be necessary though.

      Error on my part? Bug?