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    Replicated Caches With All Caches Sharing The Same Store

    Jesus Salvo Newbie

      JBoss 5.0.1 GA


      Does anyone have a working configuration ( That is, what changes did you make in jboss-cache-manager-jboss-beans.xml ?? ) to implement the cache for SFSB so that all nodes in a cluster share the same store, as per this documentation:





      What I am trying to achieve is:


      1) The cache for SFSB to use INVALIDATION_ASYNC instead of REPL_ASYNC

      2) But the only way to use INVALIDATION_ASYNC is if each node in the cluster share the same store


      ... as per the following documentation:




      To quote:




      If a cache is configured for invalidation rather than replication,          every time data is changed in a cache other caches in the cluster receive          a message informing them that their data is now stale and should be          evicted from memory. Invalidation, when used with a shared cache loader          (see chapter on cache loaders) would cause remote caches to refer to the          shared cache loader to retrieve modified data. The benefit of this is          twofold: network traffic is minimized as invalidation messages are very          small compared to replicating updated data, and also that other caches in          the cluster look up modified data in a lazy manner, only when          needed.



      I am thinking of starting off with FileCacheLoaderConfig, but each node pointing to the same location / directory ( e.g. directory on a SAN, NFS, etc. ) then get to use  JDBCCacheLoader ... except that our backend is using Oracle10g, and there is an existing bug in JBossCache shipped with JBoss 5.0.1 GA that throws the exception : ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column