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    Using different styles for rich:panelMenuItem on the same page

    Leonid Sokolin Newbie

      I would appreciate, if somebody could advise me, if it is possible to use different styles for rich:panelMenuItem on the same page.


      Here's the issue: I am using panelMenuGroup of particular color and want to replace one group with menu item, so that I could navigate directly from it.


      It looks something like that:


           Home - menu group


                About - menu item, which points to the actual home page

                Help - menu item for help page


           Query Tool - menu group




      I want to replace top Home menu group with Home menu item, which would work as current About menu item. I couldn't change the class






      though, since all other menu items should continue to look as before. So, only new Home menu item should change to look as current Home menu group.


      I tried changing style inside rich:panelMenuItem as follows, but it doesn't work


      <rich:panelMenuItem hoverClass="myClass" label="Home" value="#{menuState.menu['home']}"


      actionListener="#{menuBean.select}" action="home" mode="server" style="color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #194F87" >





      Would appreciate advice.