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      We have been checking out the WS-CAF and the WS-Security Standards for our Java WS based SOA. We are primarily interested in the WS-Context Standard for Session Management.

      Came across the following on one of the posts when looking out for WS-Context implementation:


      >>> Mark, Does RedHat have any plans on opensourcing WS-Context
      >>> implementation?
      >> Yes. It's already open sourced in that there is an older version
      >> covered by LGPL. However, it's not in any repository yet.

      Kindly let us know if the same is available now? If not please point us to other open source versions of the standard if any.


      Please indicate if I should be posting this elsewhere. JBoss ESB or JBoss CXF perhaps; there were discussions indicating that JBoss ESB supports WS-Context and WS-Addressing. CXF discusses context as well. Please throw some light on these.